Without the dark, there’s no light.
– Julie Johnson


They say without the sun there is only dark
Well, without the dark there is no light
Most days I am under that black as night cloud
Very seldom is there brightness
Though, that bright day is so amazing
I never thought I could feel like that
Enjoying the birds, the sky, the dirt
I can also breathe the cleanest of air
My attitude is not hateful
My body does not shake
My mind does not reel
My attitude is free
My body is free
My mind is free
That means my soul is finally free..

Jennifer Rolph🖤

**Does it seem like I pulled this one out of my ass? I wanted to try something other than the rhyming cliche..**



Holy shit! I need to tell everyone, thank you all for your feedback (all positive so far). I’m planning on publishing a poetry chapbook with the poems that I post and everyone’s likes and follows make me think that I really could potentially publish this thing. Before I was thinking, “Well nobody is going to want to read my depressing shit.” I forget sometimes that I share similar mentalities as other people. Thanks again! (:

-PS Feel free to comment. Feedback is always welcome..